Relationships drive business- from small to enterprise. 

The Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI) recognizes that value, and it bridges the gap between Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and the corporation. IBOAI represents hundreds of thousands of IBOs for Amway, the largest direct sales company in the world. 

The IBOAI staff supports the functions of the Association. They organize quarterly strategic meetings, facilitate education, and advocate for the Business Owners. Each employee focuses on a functional role - finance, events, and operations.

Sandy Chapman, the Manager of Operations, keeps the Association responsive to the needs of the Business Owners. Part of her role is to ensure that they have the right technology resources. 


We provided IBOAI with solutions by:

  • Monitoring workstations, servers, and network
  • Updating systems with the latest security protection
  • Consulting on infrastructure strategy
  • Training on new technology systems 
  • Providing personal service to Board Members

When it comes to technology, Sandy needs a Managed IT Services partner she can trust. Her background is not in IT, so she asks vendors to make recommendations based on their expertise. She needs someone to understand the IBOAI – their business and values – and make technology decisions from there.

Over time, we gained trust and continue to take on responsibilities for IBOAI.

When Sandy started working with Springthrough, she had a relationship with some team members, but we worked to build an even stronger connection. Today, many of our team members have invested time in understanding the nuances of the IBOAI. 


Their priorities included: 

  1. Daily IT supports to keep the computers, programs, and network running smoothly.
  2. Understanding of their end-users with varied technology knowledge but high expectations.
  3. Above all, someone they can trust.

Because of our transparent relationship, we can talk about what’s working and what’s not. What do they need today? What do they need tomorrow? With a strategy in place, our work aligns with Sandy’s goals.



Based on the strategy, we complete key business functions for IBOAI.

IT Support and Managed Services
We set up a support agreement to provide the IT help Sandy and her team needs on a day-to-day basis. If they run into a question or need a new computer, they give us a call. We understand their world. During quarterly board meetings, they have close to 100 people on-site who need access to technology. On those days, we go to their office in person to respond to challenges right away.

A Sophisticated Approach to Technology 
The IBOAI finds value in leading the way with business technology – particularly when it comes to their executive meetings. We help them research and set up new technologies to improve the efficiency and ease for members. Through this relationship, we built a reputation with the Board members and now serve the personal technology needs of the executive leadership.

Trusted Advisors
Part of our role is to be a sounding board for Sandy. Throughout our work, we’ve built a deep understanding of the IBOAI’s technology infrastructure, so we understand the impact of potential changes. Even with services that we don’t offer, Sandy trusts our recommendations and referrals.


We work to ensure members don't even notice the seamless IT experience. Because without distractions, they can focus on the quality work that the IBOAI does on their behalf.

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