Legal Copy Services

When detailed records are business-critical, storage and security can’t be overlooked.

Legal Copy Services invested in those areas to support their growing business.

As a record retrieval company, Legal Copy Services (LCS) gathers data for legal, medical, and insurance companies to use in upcoming cases. Some clients request print copies, but the records also go into an online client portal for fast and easy access. For LCS, a strong IT infrastructure isn’t just a cost; it helps their business generate revenue.

Greg Shunta, the IT Systems Manager, joined the company in 2015 and needed to ramp up quickly. LCS was building a new office space and the technology infrastructure to support it. During the move, the business still needed to maintain day-to-day activities.

They wanted to reduce instances of downtime and improve the experience for internal & external customers. Greg started looking for a partner to help his small IT staff complete the work.

Initially, Greg reached out to Springthrough to discuss improving application performance. As we discussed different options, the challenges of their technology infrastructure became a more pressing issue.

To start, we began auditing their systems as the first step in our process of insight, clarity, and enablement.


Our Process


Springthrough’s Solution Architect spent eight hours auditing the LCS infrastructure; however, in a matter of two, he identified key technology priorities. For example, he found backups hadn’t been successful in nearly three months – that is three months of valuable information at risk of being lost. 

Greg decided to work with the Springthrough Managed Services team and use our group of experts.


Together, Greg and our Solution Architect defined several priorities.

  1. Consistent uptime to reduce disruptions for the LCS staff.
  2. Security and redundancy to protect data investments.
  3. A partner to fit within the culture of LCS. 


With the priorities defined, we set a roadmap for the future. Since LCS was moving office space, there would already be downtime and technology shifts. It provided the perfect opportunity to wrap several projects together and give LCS a fresh start in their new space.


Based on the roadmap, we began the key activities for this project. 

Make technology work efficiently.
LCS had expensive equipment that wasn’t configured to serve their growing business. We worked to  properly configure their virtual infrastructure as well as optimizing their hardware. The results of our configuration and optimization were a year without downtime. 

Security and redundancy.
With the building move, we upgraded the LCS firewalls and built in redundancy to protect them. Rather than relying on a single firewall, they now have two firewalls at their location as a fail-safe precaution. Information is also kept on premise and at a co-located space for further data protection. 

A partner with the LCS team.
Partnership mattered to Greg. He wanted someone to have LCS’ best interest in mind. Our Solution Architect acts as one of the LCS team. For example, they scheduled an elevator inspection during their move, but the phone system wasn’t functioning. Although we don’t manage telecommunications, our Solution Architect still wanted to help. He got creative and brought in a small routing solution to enable LCS to pass the inspection and avoid the extra charges for a second inspection. 


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MSP Mentor 501

Our Managed Services Team is recognized as a top managed services provider (MSP) from MSP Mentor.

We strive to have a lean IT operation. By using Springthrough Managed Services, I have 5-6 infrastructure experts at my disposal without the time and cost of building those position in house. 
Greg Shunta, Legal Copy Services

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We provide Legal Copy Services with solutions by:


  • Monitoring workstations, servers, and their network
  • Updating systems with the latest security protection
  • Consulting on infrastructure strategy
  • Training on new technology systems


  • Stakeholder & SME Interviews
  • Business Process Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Review Existing Documentation
  • User Reviews
  • User Testing
  • Surveys
  • Analytics Review

We treat understanding with the utmost importance. The business goals, the problems, the pain points, and the potential—we’re here to understand them all. Insights drive and guide our every move, so to attain them, we ask questions. We seek truth. We analyze. Then—and only then—do we move toward a strategy. 

  • Content Modeling
  • Voice & Tone
  • Content Workshops
  • Workflow & Governance
  • Aesthetics & Brand Position
  • Ideation & Conceptual Design
  • Page Template Layouts
  • Responsive Design
  • Strategic & Structural Design Brief
  • Domain Modeling
  • Object/Data Modeling
  • Taxonomy & Metadata
  • Systems Gap Analysis
  • Systems Evaluation
  • CMS Installation & Configuration
  • Enterprise Service Bus

With strong insights, we make sense of it all. We organize, optimize, and map the road to the ideal solution, focusing on long-term goals instead of short-term fixes. We take a problem and show how it can be solved – always aligning the business goal, user expectations, and best practices.

  • Content Entity Models
  • Content Workflow & Governance
  • Front-End Development
  • CMS Development
  • Inbound Campaign Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Salesforce Integration/Development
  • Analytics Instrumentation/Dashboard Development
  • Ongoing Training
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Editorial Content & Marketing
  • Content Governance Steering
A good strategy is only as good as the execution. For this reason, we assemble our experts intentionally—then we get started. We work with each other. We work with the client. It’s a collaborative process that keeps everyone on track, on budget, and on the same page. Once a project is complete, we stand by our clients’ side—for training, ongoing support, or the next step in their journey toward long-term success.