AEM to Sitefinity in 3 Months



Key Topic

Sitefinity .NET Core


A potential client came to us looking for a streamlined CMS that would make managing website content easier using a more recent tech stack than Adobe Experience Manager. With Sitefinity moving away from .NET Framework and towards .NET Core, we recommended using Sitefinity’s headless .NET Core renderer. This client was unique in that they have an in-house developer who was already very knowledgeable about web development and AEM but was excited to learn Sitefinity. We were brought on to assist in the transition to Sitefinity, consult on technical approaches, guide development, and teach their in-house developer how to best utilize Sitefinity as a CMS and .NET Core renderer. The headless approach that .NET Core offers, allowed our team of developers to handle the site setup, while other developers tackled the front-end development. With this approach, we could rapidly develop the site and go live in a very short time.

Our Process

Team Resources

Springthrough Team: Solution Architect, Senior Developer, Developers, Delivery Lead
Client: In-house Developer


The client decided to move to a new CMS after their old website manager became too limiting and cumbersome. Creating pages/content and translating that content was taking too long.


Springthrough worked with our client’s in-house developer to determine the most efficient way to build webpages and content, because their time for the project was limited and the budget was fixed. The site was completed in just 3 months with excellent communication and collaboration between teams.


Sitefinity and .NET Core have allowed this client to easily manage their content by allowing non-developers to update content without the need for a developer. With the help of Sitefinity’s multilingual support, that process is no longer a chore. Utilizing Sitefinity Cloud and CI/CD pipelines in Azure greatly decreased the deployment time and ease of getting new code out to production.

Meet Ryan, a seasoned software developer and adept team lead for the development support unit. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Grand Valley State University, Ryan's journey has been one of continuous growth and achievement. Within Springthrough, Ryan's collaboration with Sitefinity exemplifies his prowess in swiftly and effectively addressing client challenges. His strategic focus on client support enables him to seamlessly enhance existing codebases, introducing novel features, and reinforcing system robustness. Since joining our ranks in 2018, Ryan's dedication to self-improvement has been evident in his flourishing software development and communication aptitude. This evolution empowers him to adeptly steer his team and cultivate enduring client connections. Beyond the tech realm, Ryan's passion for live shows shines. With a penchant for attending around one concert a month, he finds solace and inspiration in the world of live music. This multifaceted approach to life and work makes Ryan an invaluable asset and an all-around remarkable individual.
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