The Ease of Personalization with Sitefinity CMS


Personalization can be tricky to get right. Marketers wantto present data to users that is relevant, but it can sometimes feel like achore. With Sitefinity’s Personalization Module, it’s never been easier to setup and edit personalized content. There’s no need to use special code todetermine characteristics of users or any need to copy content between pages.

Sitefinity’s Personalization is so customizable, that itallows for different levels of personalization. After setting up usersegment(s), which we’ll get into later, you can customize the following:

·        Pages. An entire page can be customized.

·        Page templates.

·        Out of the box widgets. These are limited to allwidgets except for the Section widget in .NET Core and content blocks, images,news, blogs lists, events, lists, and cards in MVC.

·        Dynamic widgets.

·        Reusable personalized widgets.

Customization can be combined to meet your needs. Once you’redone editing a page, it can be previewed per segment without having to jumpthrough any hoops.

Configuring User Segments

User segments are the way to segment your audience intodifferent groups or audience types. To create user segments you can specify anynumber of characteristics, such as location, time of day, and device type,among others.

The characteristics can be combine with others by usingvarious combinations of AND/OR operators. This allows you to be as broad orprecise as needed. Along with the out of the box characteristics, custom onescan be coded.

Creating the Personalized Version

Creating a personalized version of content is not muchdifferent than a normal editing experience. Once a user segment is created, adropdown will appear in the top left corner of what you’re editing. It allowsyou specify which segment to use:

Once configured, it’s easy to switch between versions using the same dropdown:

We can help!

Sitefinity’s Personalization module is a handy tool thattakes the hassle out of managing different content for different user groups.It allows you to serve content that’s relevant to specific users so they don’tneed to wade through information they might not care about. To get started usingSitefinity’s Personalization Module, reach out to Springthrough today.

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