Meet Our Team
Meet the talented Springthrough team members. Our certified Sitefinity developers and MVP are transforming digital visions into reality.

Meet the Springthrough Team

Our team represents diverse skillsets and experience. We share our passion for technology, finding the most fitting development approach to solve business challenges, board games, and craft beers. We are in Grand Rapids, Michigan after all. 


Meet Anthony

Anthony has been in the technology industry for over 4 years with a wide range of experience in consulting, repair/maintenance, and technological support. He is certified in AASP (APPle Authorized Service Provider) and studied at Grand Rapids Community College.  

3 Things Anthony Can't Live Without
Food, Water, and Shelter.
This May Surprise You
I am the Dungeon Master (for Dungeons and Dragons), I am a board and card game fiend, and I share a birthday with Alexander Hamilton.