Increased Productivity and Efficiency with Managed IT Services

Boost Technical Capabilities with Managed IT Services

Streamline Your Business Processes with Managed IT Services

Our Unique Managed It Service approach

Tailored Client Experience
Technology Blueprinting
In-House Developers
Tiered Service Options
Local Team of Experts

Our services are tailored to the individual needs and priorities of the client. Your experience will be exactly what you need to be successful, no more paying for services you don’t use.

Our Blueprinting process creates a roadmap to future-proof your business and ensure your IT infrastructure is ready to support your 3-5 year growth plans.

Our team of expert in-house developers are prepared to support your web, custom development, and integration needs including 24/7/365 support and monitoring.

Our tiered service options allow you to invest in the best Managed IT Services for your business. Not sure what you need? We will tailor a package that suits your needs from fully managed or co-managed to professional services or CIO services.

Our team is based in Grand Rapids, MI. We are dedicated to providing our West Michigan community with the best Managed IT Services to boost technical capabilities and help your company grow.

How Springthrough Managed IT Services work

At Springthrough, we help businesses to be more strategic about technology investments and ensure it continues to support your business needs.

24/7/365 remote & onsite support

Proactive monitoring & alerting

Network security, threat detection, & prevention

Data backup & IT redundancy

Expert selection in software & cloud solutions

An integrated help desk with employees based in West Michigan

IT policy & governance

Vendor selection & management

Strategic development & road mapping

Website Development & Integration Support

Organizations who trust springthrough with their managed it services


"We strive for a lean IT operation. By using Springthrough's services, I have infrastructure experts at my disposal without the time and cost of building positions in house"

Greg Shunta
Information Systems Manager
LCS Record Retrieval


“The people at Springthrough try to understand the dynamics of our business and the personalities of our Board members. They care and understand. They have the technical expertise, but more importantly, their personalities fit our culture.”

Sandy Chapman
Operations Manager

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What Type of managed it service is right for your business

Fully Managed

Maintain optimal business performance through proactive monitoring of technology systems and increase business confidence through the extensive technology expertise at your disposal. Centralize IT responsibilities into a single, sophisticated application including auditing, licensing, warranty status, remote access, path administration, monitoring, ticketing, alerting, and reporting.


Supplement your in-house IT team with a tailored experience with our co-managed services. Use our team of experts to strengthen the areas that you need additional support. Allow your IT to focus on what they do best and let us handle the rest.

Professional Services

Allow our team of experts to assist with your IT projects, such as cloud implementations, infrastructure upgrades, security assessments or application deployment. Our project team effectively allocates the resources when, where, and how they need to be to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Strategic Planning

Virtual CIO’s integrate directly into your business and develop long term strategic technology blueprints to enable businesses to achieve their goals by consolidating internal and external technology resources. Springthrough's customized blueprinting process performs an in-depth assessment to evaluate and identify missing gaps in your current technology environment.

other ways to work with springthrough

Web Development & support

Your business needs a website that attracts your ideal customers, showcases your products and services, and evolves with your ever-changing needs. We will optimize your digital presence and design a personalized experience to create a lasting impression for each website visitor.

Strategic IT Consulting

In the ever-growing business landscape, there are technical challenges you may face when driving business growth and meeting customer expectations. We know how important it is to focus on your technology efforts to sustain business success and propel it forward. With our partnership, we will empower your business with the resources you need to manage the ever-changing dynamic in technology.

Custom Development & Integration

Your business has unique challenges which require custom solutions to help you provide the best service, boost operational efficiencies, and reduce technical debt. Our team thrives on making an impact and empowering you to meet your business goals with tailored technology solutions.