Introducing Mark, a seasoned IT generalist boasting an impressive career, encompassing software development, networking, business applications, and IT management. Mark's expertise lies in cultivating robust interdepartmental relationships, enabling him to discern business needs and offer tailored technology solutions. His recommendations seamlessly align with both business and IT objectives, ensuring scalability for future growth and optimizing organizational value. With a remarkable ability to dissect intricate business and technology matters, Mark shines as a strategic thinker. Since joining Springthrough in 2019, Mark has elevated his role to VP of Professional Services, deftly overseeing the development team while providing invaluable vCIO services to clients. Mark's holistic approach to technology integration and alignment has cemented his role as a driving force behind Springthrough's success. His acumen in bridging business and IT spheres empowers both internal and external stakeholders, fostering an environment of innovation and progress.