Meet Mike, the visionary entrepreneur who founded Springthrough. Serving as our CEO, he seamlessly blends business acumen with technical prowess. A Grand Valley State University alumnus, Mike's journey began with a full-ride scholarship, majoring in Computer Science. After years at a Chicago consulting firm, Mike's Michigan roots called him back to Grand Rapids. In 2000, he established Springthrough, driven by a profound understanding of the interplay between technology and business. Engaging ardently with the local business community, Mike guides enterprises in aligning technology with strategic goals. His dual expertise in business and technology equips him to tackle evolving dynamics, providing Michigan businesses with innovative solutions to their challenges. Mike's trailblazing spirit has led Springthrough to unparalleled success, rooted in a commitment to forging enduring partnerships and pushing the boundaries of possibility. His legacy as a transformative force in the business-technology landscape continues to shape Springthrough's journey.