Meet Ryan, a seasoned software developer and adept team lead for the development support unit. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Grand Valley State University, Ryan's journey has been one of continuous growth and achievement. Within Springthrough, Ryan's collaboration with Sitefinity exemplifies his prowess in swiftly and effectively addressing client challenges. His strategic focus on client support enables him to seamlessly enhance existing codebases, introducing novel features, and reinforcing system robustness. Since joining our ranks in 2018, Ryan's dedication to self-improvement has been evident in his flourishing software development and communication aptitude. This evolution empowers him to adeptly steer his team and cultivate enduring client connections. Beyond the tech realm, Ryan's passion for live shows shines. With a penchant for attending around one concert a month, he finds solace and inspiration in the world of live music. This multifaceted approach to life and work makes Ryan an invaluable asset and an all-around remarkable individual.